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An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

I am writing this letter from outside of the United States. Why you ask? What would make an american leave the very country your government is trying so very hard to keep others out of?? Well the answer is simple. I disagree with your policies. I disagree with the direction that the country is heading. I think you and everything you stand for is complete and utter bullshit. For starters, let’s talk about the job situation. Are you aware that there are more unemployed people in this country now.. than when you first started in office? But if i watch the news, unemployment levels are dropping.. yet more and more people are losing their homes. I am confused at how you can reach those type of conclusions and sell that lie to the public. Do you really think people are that dumb? While you are focusing our attention on fighting wars on other continents against people that we have never seen or know.. the country that I once loved is rapidly descending. Martin Luther King Jr. once said the government spends 10,000 dollars to kill one enemy, and only 50 dollars to help people in america suffering from poverty. I can only imagine that the number has grown over the years.

Mr. President.. did you know that there is only one nation on earth that has used nuclear weapons on another country.. and that’s the United States?? Call me crazy but it would seem that if you want to worry about someone possessing nuclear material suitable for weapons i think it would be best to start with the country that has actually done it. If you want to disarm, make everybody disarm. This whole idea of “our nukes good.. you nukes bad” type of government policy bullshit won’t play in the 21 century. People are not that stupid anymore. May I remind you of a few facts? Iran (just like the United States) has signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty which states under the terms of that treaty, IRAN IS ALLOWED TO HAVE NUCLEAR POWER, and not only that, but in Article 4 it goes on to say that “All the parties to the treaty shall also co-operate in contributing alone or together with other States or international organizations to the further development of the applications of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.” But in ignoring the treaty, and trying to threaten Iran with military force.. isn’t america the one in violation? why isn’t the United Nations up in arms about this? Why can Israel have a nuclear program.. but Iran can’t? Pardon me Mr. President but this sounds a lot like the same spiel your predecessor used to sell the war in Iraq. “They have weapons of mass destruction!” “Saddam is an evil man who will use them to destroy america!” meanwhile.. all these years later and we still haven’t found those WMDs. will you make jokes about it like he did? will you sacrifice the great men and women of this country for more oil and profit? Mr President, are you aware that Iran hasn’t invaded another country in 200 years? and as far as america.. i don’t need to remind you of your conquests, do i? vietnam. cuba. laos. iraq. panama. indonesia. bosnia. afghanistan. syria. the list goes on and on.. when does it stop? the american people are tired of fighting unjust wars. the american people are tired of being lied to. the american people want what other people want… PEACE. leave Iran alone and lets focus on the things that really matter. jobs. food for the poor. helping the ENTIRE country raise up and create a better future for the generations that will come after us.

Mr. President, I must be honest. I did not vote for you. I was not taken by your “blackness” and since I am not a woman I do not find you attractive. While others saw a great black man, I saw a shyster and a pimp. I hope and pray that you are able to turn away from the neoconservatives and wall street pirates that feed your machine.. but since you have been in bed with them for years that seems unlikely. I imagine others will wake up and come to the same conclusion that I did… America is not the same place it once was, the principles do not align with my sense of morality, and if i never see that country again in this lifetime it will be too soon.

Peace and Love.




Political assassinations: The assassination of Patrice lumumba

On this day  in 1961 Patrice Émery Lumumba was assassinated.

‘Political Assassination, Colonial Style’, which sketched the background to the conspiracy that led, on 17 January 1961, to the murder of the Congo’s first Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba.

To know the basic facts about Lumumba’s murder is one thing, but to be shown the place where the foul deed was done, and to hear from the lips of the murderers themselves, how they did it; to see the bullet holes in the tree that served as the execution block - was a very surreal experience. Where those decrepit men were talking about a fellow human being or a mere object?

This film enables you to fully comprehend the utter callousness which marked Belgian rule over the Congo for a hundred years before the Congo obtained its independence in 1960. And it also exposed the emptiness of the avowals of the United States, which claims to be a promoter of ‘democracy’ around the world.

Lumumba’s case was clear - the Belgians wanted to reimpose colonialism on his country only days after it had been proclaimed independent. To achieve their objective, the Belgians had, wittingly or unwittingly, provoked a mutiny in the Congolese army, known as the Force Publique. To quell the mutiny, the Belgians had flown in paratroopers who were bent on preventing the Congolese government from functioning.

Perhaps naively believing the American propaganda that because the USA had fought against a European power, Great Britain, for its own independence - achieved in 1776 - the USA was ‘sympathetic’ to the struggle of the African people to rid themselves of European imperialism, Lumumba requested the USA to send troops into the Congo to expel the Belgians. The USA rejected Lumumba’s appeal and advised him to turn to the United Nations instead. In the end Lumumba’s death was managed by sellouts, America and Belgium.

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Fyeahblackhistory blog is changing URL to DiasporicRoots.

All words have meanings and when you understand the Etymology semantics of words you gain understanding. With that the URL of this blog is changing from Fyeahblackhistory to DiasporicRoots the content will be the same however it will be better and more diverse there will be more updates as well as new features (which will come in time).

This blog was created two’s years ago as I began getting deeper into African & black history (the history of Africa and it’s diaspora.) I had always had a interest in African History but became more intensely fascinated with it during my masters degree. Whilst  researching for my Dissertation I discovered that Africans were using antibiotics 2000 years before it was discovered in Europe (to someone studying a Medical subject this was a big deal as the discovery of antibiotics in the 20th century changed the course of human development.

Additionally Not being satisfied with the whimsical black history I was taught in school, where  generally black history starts from the Maafa period I wanted to know all I could about the ancient Africans who influenced the world and their descendants.

So I created this blog to emphasize BLACK HISTORY IS MORE THAN JUST A MONTH AND 


As I’ve continued learning I’ve come to the conclusion being African transcends the modern day definition of ‘BLACK’. Africa is dynamic being African is vibrant, diverse & abundant. Africa does not remain static & so being African is not static.

This blog is about Africans and the Diaspora knowing and learning each others stories. It is a platform where the two connect sharing the rich heritage they share and have in common.